Branding a Chinese Innovation

V-Liquid Energy, a China-based company, asked us to research, name and create brand identity for their vanadium flow battery product.

V-Liquid Energy is a China-based energy company who is actively developing a vanadium flow battery. This battery stores energy generated from large renewable energy sources (solar panels, windmills etc.) and will provide large utility providers with supplemental energy needed to manage energy peak times and comply with strict energy regulations.

Currently in the R&D phase, this product is slated to enter US markets by late 2017. To prepare the battery for China-to-US market penetration, V-Liquid Energy asked Parari to develop a complete brand identity for their new product.

Communicating designs and abstract concepts across geographical and language barriers can be challenging. Our team understood these challenges and adapted design styles and practices to ensure the experience was enjoyable and productive.

The project resulted in a cohesive brand identity that is perfectly suited for the US market. Built upon solid (and heavily researched) brand architecture, we named the product and created an identity that not only looks great, but fits the desired friendly, easy and reliable brand persona the client was looking for. Additionally, each of our designs meet the client’s specific business goals and are adaptable to various use cases. But most important of all, the brand we established is a memorable and differentiated brand identity for an exciting, emerging-innovation.

Client: V-Liquid Energy

Services Provided:

  • Brand Strategy Consulting
  • Product Naming
  • Logo Design (Company and Product)
  • Imagery Design
  • Messaging Design
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Packaging Design